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Curriculum Vitae



2008 Bed of Roses Series 2 ABC/ Southern Star
2001 / 07 Bed of Roses Series 1 ABC / Ruby Ent..
2006 Wormwood Great Western Ent.
2004 / 05 For Life – feature film Pericles Films
2002 Deadly – pilot SLR Productions
2002 McLeod’s Daughters Millennium TV
2002 Always Greener Channel Seven
2001 Guinevere Jones Crawford Productions
2001 Hot Spot (Pilot) Centaur Screenworks
2000 The Saddle Club Crawfords / Protocol Toronto
1999/2000 Horace and Tina Jonathan Shiff
1999 Something in the Air ABC/Simpson LeMesurier
1999 Driven Crazy Barron Entertainment
1999 Waterwings Feature film script
1997 Blabbermouth (co-writer) Double Exposure
1995 The Man from Snowy River PRO Films
1994 Janus ABC Television
1992 The Flying Doctors Crawfords Australia
1991 Sky Trackers Aust. Children’s TV Foundn.
1991 Embassy Grundy TV / ABC
1991 Lift Off Animation Aust Children’s TV Foundn.
1989/91 The Flying Doctors Crawfords Australia
1988 The Power The Passion HSV Channel 7
1983 / 1982 Cop Shop Crawfords Australia

Blabbermouth won an international Emmy and an AFI Award.

Skytrackers "Long Distance Call" was nominated for an AFI Award.

Bed of Roses nominated for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award - best script


2005 Snow Wings Allen and Unwin
2001 Luna-C Allen and Unwin
2000 Dolphins Dance Black Dog Books
1999 Wolf Cry Horwitz Martin / Black Dog Books
1996 Furry Tales Australia Post
1996 Dozer short story *
1995 Penguin Island Mammoth
1995 Mab goes camping Mammoth
1995 Syd Vicious Mammoth
1994 Mab and Tim Mammoth
1993 My dog Mab Mammoth
1993 Little Falcon Mammoth
1993 Bento Mammoth
1993 Seal Pup * Mammoth
1992 Ice Flowers Mammoth
1992 Adventures with EC Mammoth
1989 Waiting for the Sun Greenhouse Publications (novel)
1988 Possums in the roof * ABC Books (Short story)

Possums in the roof: Runner up in the national bicentennial short story competition.

Dozer: winner of the 1996 Eastern Regional Libraries story writing competition.

Seal Pup: short-listed in The Wilderness Society Environment Award for children's literature.


1997 Halifax fp III Simpson LeMesurier Films


Wandiligong, a walk through time. Writer. Tourist video. Wandiligong Preservation Society.


2001 - 08 Bed of Roses co-creator of series 1 & 2 ABC Ruby Southern Star
2002 Deadly - Adaptation / Children's series SLR Productions
2001 Hot Spot - Comedy / Drama series Centaur Screenworks


2003 Finn and the Big Guy (Feature Film) Marina Films
2000 Eugene Sandler Burberry Films
2000 Maestro (Feature Film) Catherine Jarvis / Film Vic.
1999 ANZ Bank Ads (1 Min x 13) Artist Services
1998 The Gizmo Barron Entertainment
1996 Good Guys Bad Guys Simpson LeMesurier Films
1995 Halifax fp II Simpson LeMesurier Films
1995 Simone de Beauvoir's Babies Artist Services
1994 / 1993 Janus ABC Television
1992 Phoenix II ABC Television
1991 The Flying Doctors Crawfords Australia
1990 Embassy Grundy TV / ABC
1989 The Flying Doctors Crawfords Australia
1988 All the rivers run II Crawfords Australia
1988 Acropolis Now Crawfords Australia
1988 The Power The Passion HSV Channel 7
1987 All the way Crawfords Australia
1986 The Henderson Kids II Crawfords Australia
1981 - 83 Cop Shop Crawfords Australia
1980 Skyways Crawfords Australia


1979 Diploma of Film & Television Swinburn Institute of Technology

Jutta writes articles for various publications. She speaks at schools, giving writing workshops at TAFE and for Melbourne University Summer School. She has worked as a freelance script assessor for Simpson Le Mesurier, Film Victoria and the AFC. She speaks German fluently.